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Ensuring Quality Code That Fits Your Business

I'm excited to share my latest appearance on the Dev Interrupted podcast by LinearB. In this episode, we dive into the essential topic of ensuring quality code that aligns with your business needs.

You can listen to the full episode here.

What We Discussed:

  • Quality Code Practices: Key strategies and practices for maintaining high-quality code that supports your business objectives.

  • Balancing Quality and Speed: How to strike the right balance between delivering quality code and maintaining development velocity.

  • Customizing QA for Your Business: Tailoring quality assurance processes to fit the unique needs and goals of your business.

  • Effective Collaboration: Fostering strong collaboration between development and QA teams to ensure seamless integration of quality practices.

  • Real-World Examples: Sharing real-world examples and success stories to illustrate the impact of quality code on business success.

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