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Are you ready to...

Slay the Imposter

Leave the doubt behind and walk in your full confidence

Crush Gender Biases

Deftly navigate the biases and assumptions that women in the workplace often face

Assert Your Worth

Know your specific gifts and strengths so you can show up  POWERFULLY

Show up as YOU

Lead a successful career being your most authentic self

Leverage strategies and solutions to boldly operate from a Position of POWER.




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Define your true Northstar to shape your career and guide you to your specific and perfect version of success.

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Drive your career and show up unapologetically as your most authentic and POWERful self. 

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Awaken your full confidence with tools and strategies that will empower you.

It's the leadership house party you never knew you needed to RSVP to.

What's included in the PowerHouse?

PowerHouse training modules, toolkits, and activities

Over 20 training videos strategically designed to show you how to become the SME of your career with Strategy, Mindset, and Execution.

Weekly coaching calls with Erika for 8 weeks

Every week I'll go LIVE on Zoom to review the week's module, answer questions and host HotSeat Coaching. 

Behavioral DISC Style Assessment and Profile

Measure the four quadrants of your personality to learn about your predictable behaviors, style of communication, preferred environments, reactions to conflict and so much more.

Access to our Private Facebook Community

Join a network filled with other PowerHouse women who will lift you up, cheer you on, and give you feedback on your journey.