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Meet Erika

Treat your career like a business.

Erika Chestnut

Woman in Tech | Keynote Speaker

Leadership Coach, Consultant and Trainer

​In my over 20-year career as a technology leader, I have learned to lead POWERFULLY with relationships, influence, grace, patience, and a little bit of snarky humor.


I'm on a mission to share the tools and strategies that have served me to connect with my teams on deeper levels to drive massive growth and change in their careers and business. 

My Core Values: 

Start with human:  I lean into relationships first with the focus on listening, understanding, and valuing others around me.

Give grace. Be patient: I give myself and others the space to fail and the time to recover.

Strive for accountability: I seek to always first hold myself accountable by moving away from a position of blame and into a position of partnership to overcome the obstacles in front of me.

Be Intentional: I reach purposefully for people, goals, vision, and values.


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