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Are You Ready to Take the High Road?

This is not just another leadership program. It's a commitment to personal growth, to understanding the essence of true leadership, and to making our world a better place through the power of positive influence.

Welcome to an Exclusive 8-Week Virtual Mastermind on John C. Maxwell's Latest Work: High Road Leadership for Women-In-Tech.

Today, the imperative for authentic, impactful leadership is more pronounced than ever, particularly for women in technology.  This masterclass in leadership is not just about navigating the storms but about soaring above them, transforming yourself into a lighthouse of positive influence and profound transformation within the tech industry.

Discover the path to leading with integrity, fostering unity, and empowering not only yourself but those around you to cultivate an environment where true progress and innovation flourish.

Why Join the High Road Leadership Mastermind?

  • Exclusive Focus on Women in Tech (WIT): This mastermind is specially curated for the WIT community, providing a supportive and empowering environment.

  • Expertly Guided Sessions: Dive deep into the principles and practices of high-road leadership with guidance from a Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach.

  • Limited Enrollment: With only five spots available, enjoy an intimate setting that ensures personalized attention and meaningful interaction.

  • Special IWD 2024 Rate: In honor of International Women's Day, we're offering this unique mastermind experience for just $97.00.

Book Included

Please Note:  Mastermind dates will be confirmed and scheduled after April 12th

High Road Leadership: Bringing People Together in a World That Divides 

The world’s most influential leadership expert, John C. Maxwell, tackles the problem of our divided world in his latest book High Road Leadership. “Everything rises and falls on leadership,” says Maxwell. “Today it is causing people to fall—into disputes, frustration, anger, and despair. His solution is to expose the problems of taking the low and middle roads when interacting with others and teach people how to instead take the high road. Leaders who practice high road leadership value all people, do the right things for the right reasons, take accountability for their actions, and place people above their own agenda. In his trademark communication style, Maxwell teaches the principles and practices of high-road leadership that can increase anyone’s influence and help them make their world a better place.

Take the first step towards elevating your leadership journey. Join us, and let's rise together.

Book Included

Please Note:  Mastermind dates will be confirmed and scheduled after April 12th

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