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An excellent way to combine training, interactive games, and assessments to support a specific area of growth you would like to see in your teams and organization. 


"Erika showed us what it meant to be a team."

Donovan Lyons, Quality Engineer

Colleagues Working Together

Upskill your people in key areas but make it FUN!

Let us create a leadership workshop experience that is dynamic, interactive, and tailored to suit your team's unique needs. 

Develop skills and strategies to maximize the performance of each of the individuals on your team.

Foster belonging, bonding, and believing to reveal strengths, raise awareness and increase productivity.

Participate in FUN and ENGAGING team-building activities that bolster team spirit, stimulate collaboration, encourage team strategy, improve team synergy and so much more...

Let us create a bespoke experience to meet your team's specific goals and drive massive growth!


"Amazing! Her genuine passion oozes from her. From start to finish, she challenged the team, emphasizing the importance of quality and its relation to the team - unlocking customer value. If you haven't booked her, what are you waiting for - do it NOW!"

DeAndre Hamilton, Sr. Quality Engineer

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Erika's workshop was very well thought out and personalized for our team. We learned as a team how to play off and [leverage] others strengths. We learned how to support others in their areas of weakness and self identify these as well to become more self aware. We learned that building bridges can be more efficient even though it may take more than time rebuilding/patching the same road.

Lisha Brown, Quality Engineer

Ask me how I can help your teams create an engaging and memorable local or destination offsite that creates more unique opportunities for your team to connect outside of the office and work.



Imagine a rising star employee exceeding expectation after expectation. Imagine said employee being so proficient that they are promoted to a managerial position.

Now imagine this exceptional person being ill-equipped to lead others.


A good Leader doth not a good worker always make.


In this safe and fun-filled event, we supply up-and-coming leaders with a toolset that will enable them to continue growing. Tools like the 25% rule will be introduced to help tweak an already phenomenal mindset and work ethic. Engage in leadership games that strategically place leaders in the same situations they will find themselves in but with expert guidance assisting them in drawing their own conclusions and asking pertinent questions that lead to the type of wizened forerunners every organization needs.

Culture, Core Values and Quality

Workshops involving these topics are great for companies wanting to invigorate a younger workforce or generate a sense of comradery. This infusion of culture and core values allows the company to clearly display their NorthStar, enabling a collective push that moves the needle exponentially with regard to just about any measurable metric.


A further emphasis on culture and Quality ensures that the ripple effect of this impactful retreat are felt throughout every facet of the organization.

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Confident Woman

Leading Women

Let me speak to what is at the core of my heart; Women-in-tech. I can't say enough for empowering women to find their voice, own their space, and move in their power and grace.

Junior leaders will gain decades of knowledge distilled into easy-to-absorb drops of knowledge flattening the learning curve and allowing them to take the next best steps with confidence.


More senior leaders will come to understand that the proverbial glass ceiling is a door and that the pen writing their story is held in their hand.

jovan brown.jpeg

"Erika was inspirational. She left us wanting more. Her presentation was specific to our needs as QA. It addressed and gave amazing solutions for concerns we face daily around people and process, all while being extremely motivating. I am recharged! I would highly recommend Erika for your next QA or corporate team event."

Jovan Brown, Quality Engineering Manager

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