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PowerHouse Keynotes

Some of Erika’s defining moments can be found in her keynotes.  From Standing ovations at Starwest to heartfelt sighs while discussing imposter syndrome.  Always able to connect with the audience in ways that leave lasting memories, her bespoke messages are a sure-fire way to spark discussions and empower change in an organization.  With over 20 years in the technical field and a noteworthy emphasis on Quality, she delivers engagements infused with culture, sage advice, and analysis honed in the fires of the corporate world. 

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“Erika gave the keynote address at our annual user conference and left a truly lasting impression on our customers and our employees alike. She combined elements of our brand and company mission with her own passions and professional experience into an impactful talk that we’re still quoting today. I can confidently say that any company looking to delight any audience will do just that by working with Erika.”

Noel Wurst, Director of Storytelling

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"I engaged with Erika as a keynote speaker for one of my organization’s graduating cohorts. The graduating class was made up of professional women seeking to pivot to careers in tech so I wanted to find someone they could relate to and see themselves in. I knew Erika was the right fit. I knew she would serve up an incredible presentation. Even so, I wasn’t ready at all for what she delivered. The women were transfixed, deeply engaged, and excited about their future prospects. There were corporate partners and class facilitators there at the graduation and they shared with me how even they didn’t realize they needed to hear what Erika presented that day. She brought an energy that was impossible to ignore and shared her stories in a down-to-earth, relatable way that had us all nodding in solidarity even as we all took notes on how to move as leaders of our own futures. I went from someone who enjoys and respects Erika’s presence, expertise, and professionalism to a full blown fan. She’s amazing and you will do no wrong by connecting and working with her in whatever capacity you can."

Shawna J Curran, MBA | Founder & CEO of STEM ENRG

Keynotes Tailored To Your Audience

Quality, It's Not Just the Goal, It's the Whole Point

Drive quality at the organizational level to transform QA from an end-of-delivery review step into a significant source of value for your business. 

Leading Women-in-Tech

This double-sided talk is about creating a space for women-in-tech to be supporting and supported. 

In this talk, Erika encourages women-in-tech and leaders of women-in-tech to unmask subconscious and gender-oriented biases to intentionally address under-representation and strategically position themselves to embrace the benefits of inclusion. 

Culture, Core Values
and You!

Culture is not a buzzword. It's not a ping pong table or Free-Lunch-Fridays. 

Culture is born out of your core values and cultivated in the hearts of your employees.  How are you feeding their hearts so that they can lead the vision driven by your core values? 

Leading into the deep

Being an excellent leader requires you to make a choice to lead at the surface or to venture into the depths of developing relationships with the whole human you are leading. In this talk I challenge you to lead into the deep.

Building a
Culture of Quality

Champion quality in your organization and convince your teams to think about and plan for quality throughout the entire lifecycle of the product, from concept to development to delivery and beyond.

Leadership, Intentionality and Inclusion

In this talk, Erika turns the box on the facade of diversity hiring and invites organizations to change their culture by understanding that when it comes to diversity, strategy is not the same as intentionality.  She encourages leaders to be more intentional about growing an organization that is truly diverse at all levels. 


"Not only was Erika's talk super informative and interesting but she made the entire thing fun and interactive! Even though we were all at our respective homes, she managed to convey the energy of an actual physical conference. Not to mention I had a huge smile plastered across my face throughout her presentation."


"Erika is an extremely engaging and talented speaker. With her expertise in QA and creative storytelling, she was able to give an amazing presentation that had the audience give a (virtual) standing ovation. I had a great time working with her and look forward to working with her in the future!


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