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Erika Chestnut is a fun, sassy, and dynamic leader and speaker. She's taken her 20+ years of experience in technology and quality and developed solutions and training for Founders, Executives and Quality Leaders to build quality into their business so that it’s a natural extension of everyone's conversation.


When a company aspires to build a culture of quality they must be intentional. Their core values should pour into their standards, processes and policies with the goal of defining, developing and driving a culture of quality. 

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"Erika truly listened and understood various QA issues I’d been facing both at a personal and departmental level, and expertly informed my fears and questions with executable milestones and direct progress goals - clearly demonstrating her decades of valuable expertise in management and advisory positions."

Ashley Stuart 

Sr. QA Engineer at GRIN

"Erika is an extremely engaging and talented speaker. With her expertise in QA and creative storytelling, she was able to give an amazing presentation that had the audience give a (virtual) standing ovation. I had a great time working with her and look forward to working with her in the future!"

Carla Black 
Marketing Manager at Kobiton

“Not only was Erika's talk super informative and interesting but she made the entire thing fun and interactive! Even though we were all at our respective homes, she managed to convey the energy of an actual physical conference. Not to mention I had a huge smile plastered across my face throughout her presentation.”

Sahil Maniar

Product Marketing at Browserstack

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